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Goopy Gunk Causing Trouble?

Did you know that it is very important to partake in annual maintenance of your oil boiler or oil furnace? When you neglect to take care of your equipment, it will deteriorate faster and you will likely experience untimely breakdowns.

Preventive this by hiring your HVAC company to clean your oil equipment yearly. This will help your equipment last longer and run more efficiently year after year. Many HVAC companies have Preventive Maintenance programs, which offer benefits for getting your equipment cleaned yearly. For instance, we offer our customers 5% off all other services if they are a Preventive Maintenance member.

Check out our website for more details: http://www.handysideinc.com/preventive-maintenance.html 



Meet Hunter [left] and Snickers [right].

Snickers is Bryan and Jennifer Handyside’s dog, and Hunter is Jake Handyside’s new puppy! I guess that makes Snickers an uncle.

Of course we had to interrupt their play session for a quick photo 🙂

Flooding: The Unnerving Side of Spring

On a typical day your backyard may be serene, maybe overlooking one of the midstate’s beautiful creeks, steams or rivers. But often, that beautiful view and wildlife comes with a sacrifice. The risk could result in a flooded basement, or worse. Enduring the stresses and costs that come along with flooding is difficult, and in some cases can be traumatizing. If you live in a flood zone, or noticed your home has tendency to flood, it may be wise to take some precautions.

There are many ways that you can better prepare yourself in the event of a flood.

First, there are several things you can do outside your home to help prevent interior water damage.  Ensure your landscaping outside is directing water away from the home, preferably towards a storm sewer. Also, make sure that your gutters are clean and the downspout pours the excess rainwater at least six feet away from the foundation of the home, further is better.

Now, step inside and make sure the interior or your home is also prepared for flooding. A drain tile should be installed to collect any water that reaches your basement. This tile should collect the water and direct it to a sump pit, which is where the sump pump will pump the water outside and away from the home.

Unfortunately, taking these standard precautions don’t always work. For instance, the power could go out, the main sump pump could become clogged, the float switch could become stuck or fail, there might be too much water flushing into the home for the main sump pump to handle, or the discharge pipe could get clogged. There are many circumstances that could occur and result in a flooded basement. That is why we recommend installing a battery back-up sump pump to help supplement for these trying times.

Having a battery back-up sump pump can offer peace of mind by protecting you during a power outage, during types of extreme rainfall, or if you’re primary sump pump fails. If you live somewhere that has flooded in the past, a battery back-up sump pump helps to ease the stress that comes along with rain. It could also prevent much further damage to the home in the event of a flood, which would save you thousands of dollars!

If you would like to learn more about battery back-up sump pumps, please call Handyside at 717-938-2521.