Expert Offers Tips That Can Help Trim Your Summertime Air Conditioning Bills

Save money on utilities by insulating your home, and ensure that your windows and doors are sealed properly to eliminate outside air from coming in! This will help make your home comfortable all year round!

CBS Philly

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Air conditioning is a way to escape the worst of summer’s heat, but how can we escape the worst of the high electric bills that go with it?

About 100 million American homes have central air conditioning, and who knows how many more sport window A/C units.

Jeff Wilson, host of do-it-yourself shows on HGTV and an energy efficiency expert, says either way you’re going to want to seal up cracks to keep your cool air in and the yucky stuff out.

Windows and doors are major issues, he advises, but recessed lighting and even interior electric switchplates should be sealed, too.

And he says you can use your programmable thermostat wisely.

“You tell your progammable thermostat, when I leave, go ahead and let the house heat up by 10 degrees.  When I’m coming home at 5:30 and I want the house to be…

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