Huh Duck-less? What is a Ductless Heating & Cooling System?

Huh Duck-less? What is a Ductless Heating & Cooling System?

One of the latest initiatives in the HVAC industry is the “Ductless System”. But, do you know what it is? A ductless system is just like it sounds. It is a heating and cooling system that does not need ducts, meaning it is a much less invasive installation than alternative solutions. This makes ductless a perfect solution for sunrooms or rooms that are not easily cooled or heated. A whole-house can even use ductless as its sole source of heating and cooling.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of ductless heating and cooling, is the energy and money savings it can offer. Specifically, Mitsubishi Ductless Systems can use 25-75% less energy than your current system to cool or heat your home. It does this because their ductless systems are equipped with INVERTER-driver compressors that enable it to automatically adjust itself to a constant comfortable temperature.

Not only could ductless save you on your monthly utilities, but it will also offer your family healthier and cleaner air. Mitsubishi Ductless systems have allergen filtration built into their ductless units. This helps to reduce germs, bacteria and viruses, while absorbing odor-causing gases.

Lastly, another convenient feature is the wireless remote control. This allows homeowners to control the comfort of their home anywhere in the room, without having to walk to a thermostat.

If you would like to learn more about ductless, feel free to call Handyside Inc. at 717-938-2521. We can set up a free estimate and inform you of your potential savings!


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