Flooded Basement?

Flooded Basement?

It is finally spring!

Mother nature is finally easing into warmer temperatures…but along with that comes the rain…and a lot of it!

If you live in a flood zone, you are likely very familiar with the process. Any times it rains, it storm (metaphorically speaking). That’s because you are just waiting on the edge of your seat for your basement to start flooding…or even worse will it reach the finished area of your home?

For these scary and stressful times, there are solutions. We recommend a good battery back-up sump pump. A sump pump might seem like a big investment initially, but in reality it will save you money by preventing worse flooding and water damage.

What a relief!

We really like the Glentronics line of sump pumps (http://www.glentronics.com/)…check out their website for more information.

Or, if you want a battery back-up sump pump installed in your home for peace of mind, please call Handyside at 717-938-2521. We offer free estimates!


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