Turn Down the Air Conditioning & Save Big Each Month!

We love ecobee thermostats !


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ecobee smart thermostat

With it being colder then Jotenheim I figured I would warm things up a bit and talk about how we can all start saving a boat load of cash on our Air Conditioning bills. Hopefully thinking about the hot summer will make it come all that much sooner.

I own an ecobee thermostat and am a huge advocate for their product and it is my tool of choice when it comes to saving money on my heating and cooling bills.

I think that Stuart Lombard and his team are doing marvelous work and are true innovators.

Although you do not need an ecobee to save money on your hydro bill every month its a pretty idiot proof way of doing it.

The easiest way to save money on your hydro bill is to buy a programmable thermostat, program it and use a set back to keep your money in your…

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