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With it being colder then Jotenheim I figured I would warm things up a bit and talk about how we can all start saving a boat load of cash on our Air Conditioning bills. Hopefully thinking about the hot summer will make it come all that much sooner.

I own an ecobee thermostat and am a huge advocate for their product and it is my tool of choice when it comes to saving money on my heating and cooling bills.

I think that Stuart Lombard and his team are doing marvelous work and are true innovators.

Although you do not need an ecobee to save money on your hydro bill every month its a pretty idiot proof way of doing it.

The easiest way to save money on your hydro bill is to buy a programmable thermostat, program it and use a set back to keep your money in your…

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Flooded Basement?

Flooded Basement?

It is finally spring!

Mother nature is finally easing into warmer temperatures…but along with that comes the rain…and a lot of it!

If you live in a flood zone, you are likely very familiar with the process. Any times it rains, it storm (metaphorically speaking). That’s because you are just waiting on the edge of your seat for your basement to start flooding…or even worse will it reach the finished area of your home?

For these scary and stressful times, there are solutions. We recommend a good battery back-up sump pump. A sump pump might seem like a big investment initially, but in reality it will save you money by preventing worse flooding and water damage.

What a relief!

We really like the Glentronics line of sump pumps (http://www.glentronics.com/)…check out their website for more information.

Or, if you want a battery back-up sump pump installed in your home for peace of mind, please call Handyside at 717-938-2521. We offer free estimates!

Making your Home HVAC Green

We love the idea of going green, great advice!


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Green house-wr

In recent years many scientist have come to the conclusion that human footprint and climate change has a correlation. Everyone needs to do their part in keeping the planet clean. One of the main culprits are home appliances. Products like: refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and also HVAC systems.

There are a lot of ways you can do to help your HVAC become green and energy-efficient. By making some changes, keeping the cost of your energy bill can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how old your unit is.

  • Replacing old Products: Majority of new equipment are better in both performance and energy-saving. There are tighter guidelines to follow in recent years compared to much older equipment.
  • Programmable Thermostat: You will notice a dramatic drop in energy usage when having a programmable thermostat. With the new thermostat you can rely on it when you are not…

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Don’t wait until the hottest day to turn your AC unit on. To help prevent untimely breakdown, schedule your preventive maintenance today! Receive $10 off any of our Preventive Maintenance Plans if you sign-up by 3/31/2014.

Time is running out for our spring special!


NOTE: Do not be alarmed if you AC unit makes some sounds when it kicks on, that is normal. If you notice any particularly unusual or louder sounds, then it may be time to call a professional. Help prevent this by participating in annual maintenance of your equipment.



If you suffer from cold feet, maybe it is time to learn about radiant floor heating.

Pictured is a Viega manifold, its job is to adjust the flow of water that runs through a radiant floor heat system. This will help adjust the temperature of water that runs through the pex piping that is placed in a system that runs under your flooring. This will help keep your toes warm and comfy all winter long…even without socks or slippers!

If you would like to learn more about radiant floor heat, call Handyside at 717-938-2521.


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Did you miss out on the fun last year?

If you missed the PA Home Show last year, you need to be there this year!

Are you thinking of building a home this year or just maybe looking for Pinterest inspiration? The PA Home Show is the place to be.

It is a great place to socialize and learn more about every aspect of home mechanics and building. Contractors are eager to chat and fill you in on trade secrets and up and coming technology. If you think it is amazing that a thermostat can now communicate with you via smartphone…then you are in for many awesome and interesting surprises at the PA HOME SHOW!